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Power amplifiers
M1.2 Reference
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ML3 Signature
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LL1.1 Signature
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L2 Reference
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LP1 Signature
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LP2.1 (regular/deluxe)
                phono preamp
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STEREO SOUND (Japan), 30th Anniversary issue' 1996
Mr. Shinoda



LAMM INDUSTRIES, INC. is an American up-and-coming amplifier maker, which was established three years ago. The number of products is limited but the company's M1.1 amp earns good reputation in the American market. It is largely due to the designing and manufacturing policy set by the founder of the company, Mr. Vladimir Shushurin, who is also an experienced amplifier designer. His policy is: pertinent circuit design, careful selection of high quality parts, and attentive assembly. From another perspective, the company's popularity is due to its devotion to the basics of amplifier making. It is clear that such approach generates power to support the value of the company.


The company's top models are the new productions that we want to pay attention to. There are two of them: L1 preamp and M1.1 monaural power amp. Both are handcrafted with highest quality selected parts. The L1 pursues the natural quality of the sound and expressive power. The principle in designing the L1 is class A operation, no overall feedback, perfect topology management, and sophisticated and elegant design.

In addition, you can't miss that the L1 employs MOS-FETs which are conscientiously selected with special care, and that it is equipped with high-performance voltage regulator that uses vacuum tubes in the power supply section. These methods are employed to achieve the reliable operation and high quality of the sound.

In terms of function, the main features are 5 inputs, balanced and single-ended outputs, and a phase switch for the output signal.

The M1.1 pursues the reproduction of the rich soundstage in which even the subtlest information about space is vividly captured. Also, its highlight is a highly reliable design which maintains the stability of the unit when low impedances are applied. In fact, an output of 300 Watts continuous at 1 Ohm (100 Watts at 8/4 Ohms) proves the reliability. The factors that contribute to such high performance are pure A class circuits, high-speed power MOS-FETs, and the hybrid design employing 6922 vacuum tube in the second stage. Needless to say, the best match for the M1.1 is the L1 preamp, which was mentioned earlier. The extensive appeal is that we can expect the realistic reproduction of the deep soundstage.