Founded in October 1993, LAMM INDUSTRIES, INC. has gained a world-wide reputation for designing high-end audio products of astonishing sonic performance. From our LL2.1 linestage preamplifier to the ML3 Signature monoblock amplifiers, the performance of LAMM products is setting standards for audiophiles the world over.

LAMM employs tube and solid-state technology, along with innovative engineering, to create products that many have heralded as reference class. All our products are designed to deliver not only the best performance at their respective price points, but at any price. All products are designed and manufactured in the USA and are covered by three U.S. Patents. Using optimal parts quality with meticulous attention to detail and the finest craftsmanship, LAMM INDUSTRIES proudly creates what we believe to be the finest audio components on the market today. Although not inexpensive, LAMM products represent an investment in long-term musical satisfaction.

Owned by some of the finest audio critics and journalists in the world, enjoyed by countless audiophiles in many countries, LAMM products deliver breakthrough performance and uncompromising sonic quality.

LAMM INDUSTRIES, INC. has been conceived, founded and run by its president and Director of Engineering, Vladimir Lamm. As in the case of a “theater of one actor” where the actor’s character determines the nature of plays and their performance, LAMM is an embodiment of Vladimir’s extensive experience, unbending motivation, and love of music. He is involved in the entire process of product development, from concept to implementation into production, and he personally stands behind each product.

The company is operated by a very stringent set of standards. No detail is too small or unimportant; what’s hidden from the eye is just as important as what’s visible. Strict quality control is maintained throughout the entire production process. All key elements are carefully selected, tested and matched (where necessary). Every module and assembled PCB is test-bench tested, followed by an 8-10-hour burn-in period. The product is then assembled and tested, followed by a 72-hour burn-in period. The burned-in units are then retested and re-measured. The “pre-burn-in” and “post-burn-in” measurement results are recorded in a production report maintained for each piece of equipment. LAMM products operate on all world AC voltages without elaborate modification. All products are shipped in heavy-duty custom-made wooden crates.

All of LAMM products are no-compromise designs utilizing high quality (many military graded) expensive components, along with custom-designed transformers and best technological processes available today. The inside of the equipment is where the handcraft and balance are most apparent in the way the components are arranged and mixed. The external design is elegant yet self-effacing, corroborating our believe that high-end audio equipment should be a means for contact with music, not an eye-catching piece of furniture. Our money is invested into MAKING THE SOUND, and that’s what we are in this business for.

Vladimir’s extensive experience in the field of sound reproduction and psycho-acoustics had led him to develop a theory of a “human hearing mechanism” which lies at the basis of all of his designs and which allows him to CREATE THE SOUND. Having experimented with various electronic models of a human hearing mechanism, Vladimir had arrived at a limited number of topologies enabling him to create sound reproduction equipment with PREDEFINED and PREDICTABLE parameters, which, in turn, eliminates the need for trial-and-error approach to design and, as a result, the need for listening tests in a process of product development. (Physical prototypes of new models are completed based solely on calculations; once the prototype is finished, the design is practically ready to go into production.)

The result of this work is a number of hybrid and vacuum tube designs each setting a benchmark of excellence in their respective categories. We pride ourselves in the value of our products and the service we provide.

All of LAMM designs are much more than a combination of circuitries, metal boxes and trial-and-error efforts. They are the most unlikely combination of pure science and fine musical instruments with a touch of that special something that makes the music come alive in a process of its reproduction and sets it free from the confines of electronic equipment. Our customer is someone who has gone through all circles of “Dante’s hell” in search of a miracle and who simply wants to experience the musical truth. With LAMM equipment he has come home and his search for a miracle is over.