Show report: Moscow HiFi 2001

System one 7th floor
LAMM ML2 power amps. 

LAMM LL2 line stage preamp.

Rest of system: JM LAB Mezzo Utopia speakersPS-Audio Lambda 2 transportUltra Link d/a converter
analogue front end: Kuzma Stabi S turntable and Stogi S tonearm+cartridge, Tara Labs RSC The One interconnect & speaker cablesHand-made speaker cables by TchernovAudio,Tara Labs vanishing points (cones)
Light Speed Audio CLS-9900 AMP line filters.

System two ‘Moscow’ conference hall
Two pairs of LAMM M1.1 power amps 

LAMM L2 Reference line stage preamp

Rest of system: JM LAB Grand Utopia speakers in a bi-amp modeMetronome d/a converter and transportMicroSeiki SX 5000 II and DynavectorTara Labs RSC The One interconnect & speaker cablesLight Speed Audio Reference DMP line filtersASC tube traps

Sergei Taranov (Editor of the Russian “Audio” magazine) reports his impressions to 

Each year our Russian-bred Americans, Vladimir Shushurin (LAMM) and Victor Khomenko (Balanced Audio), travel to the capital. As the Iris Hotel is pretty far from Moscow’s high life, the brave duo has to suffer the noise of the Show and the abysmal food of the hotel’s restaurants.

Mr. Shushurin has been very busy this year, helping to set up two systems for his distributor. One featured a tubed, single-ended ML2 in a regular hotel room, the other literally occupying center stage in a huge conference hall. This latter featured four M1.1 monoblocks powering JM Lab Grand Utopia speakers, new Lamm L2 Reference preamplifier and a stellar front end with MicroSeiki/Dynavector analog and Metronome digital. The LAMM/Grand Utopia sound had an unbelievable scale, both in terms of soundstage and effortless dynamics.

Jacque Mahul of JMLab at a press conference

Vladimir Lamm of Lamm Industries at a press conference