Show report: Hi-End Athens 2002

System One room 115
LAMM LL2 preamplifier and LP2 deluxe phono preamplifier
LAMM ML1 90W push-pull tube amplifiers
Verity Audio Parcifal Encore speakers
Well Tempered Reference turntable; Well Tempered Reference tonearm
Lyra Hellicon cartridge
Nirvana  SX speaker cables, SX and SL interconnect cables and power cords


System Two room 116
LAMM L1 preamplifier
LAMM M1.1 100W hybrid amplifiers
Verity Audio Fidelio speakers
Audio Agro Capitole CD player
Nirvana  SL speaker cables, SX and SL interconnect cables and power cords
Magnum Dynalab MD 100 tuner