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Power amplifiers
M1.2 Reference
description  specs
description  specs
1 description 1 specs
ML3 Signature
1 description  1 specs
     description  specs
LL1.1 Signature
1 description 1 specs
L2 Reference
description  specs
LP1 Signature
1 description 1 specs
LP2.1 (regular/deluxe)
                phono preamp
    1 description   1 specs

What substitution tube types
do you recommend for the 


We recommend ordering 6C3P and 6C45P-E tubes from Lamm ONLY, as we perform tube selection for each LP2.1 phonostage based on identical tube parameters, and that assures the identical behavior of both its channels. Our in-house designed and built tube testers allow us to measure four different parameters of each tube (in contrast with commercial tube testers that measure only one parameter). Based on gathered data we test and match the tubes with unsurpassed precision that
simply has not been available before.


6C3P / 6C3П (cyrillic):
6C3P-EB / 6C3П-EB (cyrillic)
, 6C3P-DR / 6C3П-ДР (cyrillic)

6C45P-E / 6C45П-E (cyrillic):
no substitution; available factory-direct from LAMM only.

6X4: 6X4W, 6X4WA, 6202, EZ90, CV4005, CV493