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Power amplifiers
M1.2 Reference
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ML3 Signature
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LL1.1 Signature
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LP1 Signature
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LP2.1 (regular/deluxe)
                phono preamp
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1  Best of Show: Lamm ML3 Signature amps and Wilson Audio 
   MAXX 3 speakers. (CES2009)

1  Jonathan Valin's Best Sound at CES'2008 Show for two rooms: 
   suite 34-309 with Lamm and Wilson speakers and 
   suite 30-310 with Lamm and Gershman speakers

1 Rocky Mountain Audio Fest  -- Rocky Mountain Audio Fest (October 2007), 
Audio Oasis Award 


1 The Absolute Sound's -- Dick Olsher's Best of Show at CES'2007

2007 CES Report 
(TAS issue 171, April/May 2007, page 49)


World's best-sounding single-ended triode amplifier?  

Lamm's ultra-refined ML3 Signature is based on the majestic Russian GM70 directly heated triode and is rated at 32 watts of pure power.  This cost-no-object design may just be the Chosen One.

1 The Best System at Home Entertainment 2004 Show
[] scroll down

1 The Best Sound at Home Entertainment 2004 Show
[] scroll down

1 Stereophile's The Best Sound at Home Entertainment 2003 Show
[listed in September 2003 issue (Vol. 26/no. 9), page 62]

1 Stereophile: Mikey's 11 Best Sounding Rooms 
   at the Home Entertainment 2002 Show

   Mike Fremer's Analog Corner   No. 1 -- Kharma Ceramique 3.2, Lamm electronics
September issue (Vol. 25/no. 9), page 43

1 Stereophile's The Best Sound at Home Entertainment 2002 Show
[listed in September 2002 issue (Vol. 25/no. 9), page 59]

1 The Absolute Sound's Best Sound at Home Entertainment 2002 Show

2002 Home Entertainment Show Report 
(TAS issue 137, Aug/Sept 2002, pages 33-34)
by Jonathan Valin and Robert Harley

The Winner's Circle

...First place, however, goes to the Kharma Ceramique 3.2 ($19,000) loudspeakers, powered by the LAMM ML2 monoblocks ($29,290), the LAMM L2 ($13,690) preamp and LP2 ($6,690) phonostage.  Though a relatively small system in comparison to the Pipedreams and the Antares -- which may, in fact, have contributed to its sonic excellence in a small room -- this demure (though very expensive) stereo system had the most realistic sound of any at the show.  Dynamic, detailed, superbly transparent, incomparably rich in color, gorgeous in the treble and midband, it made some very fine CD-Rs of live recordings sound like mastertapes.  its only weakness -- and this will be corrected when Kharma adds a dedicated subwoofer to the Ceramique "satellite" later this year -- was a slight roll in the very deep bass (sub-40Hz), which, nevertheless, didn't keep the Kharmas from roaring like an orchestra in full voice on the last movement of the Rachmaninoff Third Piano Concerto.  This is the first -- and only -- time that the other listeners in attendance in the room actually applauded at the end of a CD, as if they had witnessed a great live performance!  Which, indeed, they had, both musically and stereophonically.

1 Stereophile's The Best Sound at Home Entertainment 2001 Show
[listed in September 2001 issue (Vol. 24/no. 9), page 67]

1 Stereophile: Mikey's Top 10 Best Sounds
at the Home Entertainment 2002 Show

Mike Fremer's Analog Corner 
August 2001 issue (Vol. 24/no. 8), page 44

In no particular order, and missing some associated gear:
.....JMLab Utopia speakers/Lamm electronics.....

1 SoundStage! CES 2001 - Standout Room

Lamm Industries, Kharma

As at so many previous shows, Lamm Industries and Kharma offered some of the very best sound heard anywhere, proving once again the synergy that exists between these two brands.  Two pairs of Lamm ML2 amplifiers ($29,290 per pair) drove new Kharma Grand Ceramique 1.0 speakers ($39,999 per pair) via Kharma KLC Supreme speaker cables ($5499).  LAMM's new L2 Reference preamp ($13,690) was also in use, as were the Metronome T20 transport and C20 DAC.  Interconnects and power cords were also from Kharma -- KIC Grand Reference ($3999 per meter pair) and KPC Reference ($1299), respectively.  The sound of this very costly system was very full range -- and magical. 

1 SoundStage! CES 2000 - Standout Room

Lamm Industries, Verity

While the audio system in the AudioNut/Bybee room was used to demonstrate the effectiveness of the various Bybee products, it also made very fine music too -- with all kinds of music. Lamm M1.1 amps ($15,890 per pair) powered a pair of the Verity Parsifal Encore speakers ($12,520 per pair) via Silversmith speaker cables. The preamp was from Resolution Audio, the OM-2 ($12,000), which is a custom-built and fully balanced unit. The digital source was from dCS -- the Elgar/Purcell combination ($11,995 and $4995 respectively) for upsampling to 24 bits and 192kHz. Silversmith interconnects and a number of Bybee products finished off the system. The sound was sweet and very detailed at the same time, displayed great depth, and had us listening happily to the various repeated cuts for the Bybee demo -- which was its job. 

1 The Absolute Sound 
Sounds of CES 2000:
     [TAS] writers pick exhibits of the Show
(The Absolute Sound, issue 123, April/May 2000)

One of Fred Kaplan's choices for the best sounding room:
"...the Kharma room, with the $65,000 Ceramique loudspeakers driven by Lamm's L1 preamp and ML2 monoblock amplifiers (actually, the ML1, E.D.). Warm, luscious, but also detailed and driving. A room for the sheer pleasure of listening to music." Fred Kaplan (page 41)

1 SoundStage! CES 1999 - Standout Room


"Is it luck or skill that certain companies seem to have consistently great sound under the less-than-ideal conditions of a trade show? We suspect it's a bit of both, but having great products is certainly no hindrance.

Products from LAMM and Kharma are not for the faint-of-pocketbook, but they will appeal to those in the pursuit of state-of-the-art musical reproduction. Vladimir Shushurin's LAMM ML1 triode monoblocks ($19,980 per pair) drove a pair of the gorgeous Kharma Ceramique 1.0 speakers ($14,999 per pair). The LAMM L1 line-stage ($6990) and Metronome Technologie transport and DAC with separate power supply were also in use. All cabling was from Kharma (with conductors of a gold-and-silver blend; the cables' large size makes them interesting in appearance), with Bybee supplying the AC line conditioning. Very attactive Silent Running amp stands were underneath the LAMM tube amps.

Speed, extension, neutrality and stunning naturalness is what sets this collection of components apart." 

Shun Mook Audio

"Normally the Standout Room tag is reserved for a single room and collection of components. However, two rooms used speakers in Shun Mook's Bella Voce line, and the impressive sound in both cases justified a two-for-one Standout mention.

Shun Mook' had Bella Voce Reference speakers ($11,000 per pair), LAMM ML2 18Wpc single-ended mono amplifiers, BAT VK-D5 CD player, Audio Research Reference 1 linestage, and Nordost and TMD cables.

...The sound was exceptional -- detailed, but as liquid as it gets. Marc Mickelson thought the highs were as natural as he'd heard anywhere. Although only 89dB efficient, ...Bella Voce models worked very well with low-powered, single-ended amplifiers. In all, the Shun Mook speakers -- and upstream electronics -- produced very natural and uncompromisingly musical sound." 

1 SoundStage! CES 1998 - Standout Room

"The LAMM/TreMa Sound room was constantly packed, and for good reason: Lamm ML1 amps ($19,980 per pair) drove a pair of Kharma Exquisite 1A speakers ($56,995 per pair) to produce copious amounts of low-end slam on appropriate recordings and transcendental soundstaging on others. Also in use were a LAMM L1 linestage ($6990), Theta Jade transport ($2495) and DS Pro Gen.V DAC ($3795, single-ended version), all connected with Purist Audio cables. This system could portray visceral bass, which LAMM's Vladimir Shushurin flaunted, but it was when he put on a less-showy orchestral piece that the system made it on my list." Marc Mickelson

"If I were to interpret "standout" as meaning the finest overall sound, you'd be reading about the Merlin/Joule and Kharma/LAMM rooms at the Alexis Park..." John Upton

 1 Moscow HI-FI'99 Show "Best Sound" Award presented to
       TCHERNOVAUDIO DISTRIBUTION for the following set-up:
       LAMM INDUSTRIES M1.1/ML2 power amps and L1 line stage preamp;
       JM LAB Mezzo Utopia speakers; YBA CD-2a CD player; Tara Labs
       The One interconnect and speaker cables

1 Stereophile's Best Sound at the CES 1993 Show

"...M1 monoblock MOS-FET amplifiers...garnered my vote for best sound. ...Driving Wilson WATTs/Puppies through Purist Audio Design cables and resting on Microscan amplifier supports,...amplifiers sounded superb, with tight, bottomless bass, effortless dynamics, and spacious soundstage. I have never heard the WATTs/Puppies sound so good." -- Stereophile magazine, Larry Greenhill (August, 1993)

1  Audiophile's Best Sound at the CES 1993 Show (Hong Kong magazine) 

"For the first time at the High-End Show, the M1s sounded so good that they had the best sound at the show and I think it was the best sound ever!!! ...Regarding the speakers, it was the best the Watt Puppies have ever sounded; the combination of the M1 amplifiers and the Watts are the best!" -- Audiophile magazine, Hong Kong, Y.K. Chen (editor) (August, 1993)