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O U R  H I S T O R Y
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Las Vegas        
SoundStage! CES 2001 - Standout Room

Lamm Industries, Kharma

As at so many previous shows, Lamm Industries and Kharma offered some of the very best sound heard anywhere, proving once again the synergy that exists between these two brands.  Two pairs of Lamm ML2 amplifiers ($29,290 per pair) drove new Kharma Grand Ceramique 1.0 speakers ($39,999 per pair) via Kharma KLC Supreme speaker cables ($5499).  LAMM's new L2 Reference preamp ($13,690) was also in use, as were the Metronome T20 transport and C20 DAC.  Interconnects and power cords were also from Kharma -- KIC Grand Reference ($3999 per meter pair) and KPC Reference ($1299), respectively.  The sound of this very costly system was very full range -- and magical.  SoundStage! WCES'2001.

It's always a pleasure to meet up with cool dude, Vladimir Shushurin of Lamm Industries. If you've never heard a properly setup pair of ML1 or ML2 amplifiers, you owe it to yourself to experience true high-end. Dick Olsher, Enjoythemusic.com


The 2001 CES Report
(Stereophile, April, 2001)

"Lamm was out and about (always a good sign) with two pairs of their ML2 single-ended amps ($14,645 each) biamping a Kharma Grand Ceramique, while another pair biamped a Verity Audio system elsewhere at the Alexis Park.  Both systems were front-loaded with Lamm's new two-chassis L2 Reference preamp ($13,690).  Yet another Lamm, the LL2 -- their least expensive preamp ($3990 for the "regular" version, $4290 for the "deluxe") -- provided the urge with M1.1 hybrid amps on Audes speakers." Jonathan Scull (p.63)

The Absolute Sound
The 2001 CES Report
(TAS, issue 130, 2001)

Finally, let me tell you about the Kharma Grand Ceramiques 1.0 ($39,999 per pair; stands, $1,499) driven by two pairs of Lamm ML2 monoblock amplifiers (one pair for the midrange/tweeter, a second for the woofers), fed by Lamm's new L2 Reference preamplifier, and girdled together by Kharma Supreme Reference speaker cable and Grand Reference interconnects.  ...Although the sound was a mite dark -- just a mite -- it was, all told, the most beguiling, the most beautiful, the most musical I've ever heard at a CES.  Simply gorgeous, finely detailed spacious, dynamic -- it made the handful of records I brought with me sound as good and true as I've heard them sound at home...  And this in a hotel room, with finicky line voltage, and only a day or so of set-up.  Jonathan Valin (p.29)

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