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O U R  H I S T O R Y
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              May 11-13, 2001
Entertainment           Hilton Hotel, New York City    
  New York              Room 4249 hosted by Sound by Singer  

Stereophile: News desk

HE 2001: Many Paths to Sonic Bliss
By Barry Willis

JMlab's Utopias in the Lamm Industries room occupy the other end of the hugeness scale. A J-10 favorite, they sounded marvelous driven by Lamm ML-2 monoblocks. Source was a dCS SACD transport, feeding a dCS Purcell/Elgar combo, in turn feeding a Lamm Reference preamp. FIM Gold cabling linked it all together. I neglected to calculate the system's total retail cost, but suffice it to say that it's out of reach for all but the most upscale audiophiles. (click here for a link to a fuller Stereophile report)


Stereophile: Mikey's Top 10 Best Sounds at the Show

Analog Corner
By Mike Fremer
August 2001 issue (Vol. 24/no. 8), page 44

In no particular order*, and missing some associated gear:
JMLab Utopia speakers/Lamm electronics

* The official "Best Sound at the Show" tally will appear in the September issue (JA)


Stereophile: Jonathan Scull on Cost-No-Object Electronics

Lamm Industries ran either their 18W ML2 single-ended amps ($29,290/pair) or their ML1 push-pull amps, good for 90W ($19,990/pair) and made beautiful sound through JMLab Utopias.  Interestingly, the most requested amp was the lower-powered ML2, which evidently did the 92 dB-sensitive Utopias proud.  (The dCS CD/SACD transport prototype, Elgar DAC, Purcell upsampler, Zoethecus v.5/R racks and amps stands, and FIM gold Series cables didn't hurt either.)  September 2001 issue (Vol. 24/no. 9), page 67


Stereophile's The Best Sound at Home Entertainment 2001 Show
[listed in September 2001 issue (Vol. 24/no. 9), page 67]

Click here for our HE'2001