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O U R  H I S T O R Y
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  High End
Show 2000                        The Show was held at "Hilton" Hotel
Nov. 25-26                                              Athens, Greece

LAMM/VERITY exhibit presented by MF Audio, Room 331

LAMM M1.1 power amps,
LAMM L1 line stage preamp
VERITY AUDIO Parsifal speakers
NIRVANA cables
Metronome DAC/transport

American Dream!

In the MF Audio room we were greeted with the fantastic materializations of Vladimir Shushurin, or Mr. Lamm.  Ferocious looking yet elegant and gentle in sound, the M1.1 monoblocks were accompanied by the hybrid line-stage preamplifier L1 (utilizing tubes for voltage regulation in the power supply).  LAMM electronics drove with ease the VERITY Parsifal speakers -- probably the most chic speakers of the Show.  Apart from their acoustic maturity, these speakers have unique flexibility regarding the placement of the woofer's cabin, for either forward or backward firing.  This allows the tuning according to the room. The "secret" about the connections between the upper and lower cabinets is that the connection  holes were masked by the removable Verity logos. Wiring was NIRVANA throughout;  digital front end was represented by METRONOME.  (Extreme Audio Video, issue 23, page 37; January 2001)

The giant of the Show couldn't have come from any other country but the United States.  The M1.1 monoblocks, despite their large size, showed that they possessed the "art of disappearance" allowing the music to pass through them, without any alterations.  The L1 had contributed a great deal to this wonderful set-up.  (Extreme Audio Video, issue 24, page 68; February 2001)


At present, one of the preamps without any boundaries.  The L1 is a hybrid design with no overall feedback operating in pure class A utilizing tubes in the voltage regulation section of the power supply.  Undoubtedly, a special component which prefers the music production and lacks any sonic signature.  Besides, don't forget even for a moment that the lack of "personality" is a priceless gift when it comes to sound reproduction equipment.  The L1 is a spearhead of the preamplifiers.  Vasilis Ladonikolas.  (Extreme Audio Video, issue 24, page 100; February 2001)


A preamplifier that justifies its price which is proportionate to the preamp's sonic efficiency.  Stathis Aspiotis.   (Extreme Audio Video, issue 24, page 100; February 2001)